Ari and Sinikka Saarinen

Lounatuulentie 17

FI-05440 Hyvinkää


Contact us preferably by e-mail at in English or in Finnish. You can also call us in English or in Finnish at +358 9 276 1457 .

We use our own real estate agent to close the real estate deal so we hope to hear only from buyers, not other agents.

You can also contact directly our real estate agent

Maarit Salminen
Licensed real estate agent

Tel: +358 50 407 5999
Tel: +358 50 407 5999

OP-Kiinteistökeskus Uusimaa Oy, LKV, Hyvinkää
Hämeenkatu 3, 05800 HYVINKÄÄ
Tel: +358 102542720

If our offer is not suitable for you, but you know someone who may be interested, we ask you to kindly forward our e-mail. We offer a reward of 10 000 euros to one person who forwarded our message so that it leads to a deal.