Autoclaved aerated concrete


Wall that is built out of autoclaved aerated concrete smoothes out sudden fluctations of outside air temperature; therefore on a cold winter night it will be warm and comfortable, but on a hot summer day this house will be pleasantly cool.


Autoclaved aerated concrete products do not burn and are capable to bear high temperature for many hours. These products belong to the class of fire resistance A1.


Autoclaved aerated concrete has a good sound insulation quality and it is provided by air, which is found in the materials closed pores, sized around 0,5 – 2,0 mm.


Autoclaved aerated concrete is an ecological material, which doesn’t contain or release harmful substances. “Breathing” and heat accumulating wall of this material creates a healthy and pleasant microclimate in a building that can be compared to a wooden house.

Light but strong

Autoclaved aerated concrete is the lightest rock material, whose strength is sufficient enough for it to be used as load-bearing walls in multi-storey buildings. Ratio between these materials volume weight and compression resistance represent world’s absolute best in this field of speciality.

Energy saving

Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks can be used to build warm, without additional thermal insulation, external wall, which corresponds to the strict requirements of energy-affectivity standards. Autoclaved aerated concrete wall can help you save energy with its heat accumulating closed pores and air tightness.