Foundations and base floor

  • Footings: Formex footing foundation
  • Foundation walls: breeze block
  • Base floors: autoclaved aerated concrete 250 mm


  • Load-bearing walls: autoclaved aerated concrete 500 mm
  • Attic floor: autoclaved aerated concrete 250 mm


  • Surface material of the external wall: autoclaved aerated concrete, StoPrim Micro priming concentrate, StoLevell Cote SF fibre plaster, StoPrep Miral Primeri, StoLotusan K silicone resin coating
  • Windows: openable, fixed aluminium-clad wood windows in the dry rooms: Domus, aluminium-clad windows in the wet rooms: Domus/Schüco
  • External doors: main door: Ounas, storeroom door: Olos, door of the terrace for cooling off: POAL, vertical sliding aluminium door between the living room and the glass terrace: Domus – Schüco, Domus Yhtiöt


  • Roofing structures: structure: machine-seamed tin roofing c. 350 m2, battens 2X100 K 250, elevation bar 50X32, roof underlay, 50X150 K 900 with elevation pieces below, wind barrier on the upper surface of the insulating layer, wool blanket 350 mm
  • Eaves structure: open eaves

Walls, floors and ceiling

  • Floor surface structures: floor coating, surface concrete 80/100 mm, EPS 100, 200 mm
  • Floor surfaces: dry rooms: white, high-gloss 60X60 cm porcellanato Pavigrés Uni Cristal PG277P, list price EUR 180.10/m2, wet rooms: light matte 30X60 cm porcellanato IV Lava Colorata Bianco, list price EUR 72.30/m2, glass terraces: white matte 60X60 cm porcellanato Pavigrés Uni Cristal Mate PG277RT, list price EUR 161.23/m2
  • Ceiling structures: paint, screed, plasterboard, Gypsteel GK suspended ceiling stud with a steel profile
  • Ceiling surfaces: paint
  • Wall surface structures: topcoat, primer, plaster and mesh, autoclaved aerated concrete block
  • Wall surfaces: dry rooms: paint, wet rooms: wall tiles 59.6X100 cm Venis S.A. – Porcelanosa Grupo, Syros Blanco, list price EUR 101.40/m2

Separating walls and interior doors

  • Separating walls: autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Interior doors: understatedly elegant Avec Minimal with no mouldings, concealed hinges, a magnetic lock and good soundproofing qualities (>28 dB)