Detailed information


Type of house: detached house

Surface area (m2): 187, technical room and storeroom (m2): 16, roofed glass terrace (larger one, m2): 18, roofed glass terrace (smaller one next to the sauna, m2): 10

Number of rooms: 6

Layout of rooms: 6 rooms + kitchen + utility room + closet for clothes + sauna + home spa + car shelter / storeroom + glass terraces

Number of residents. 2+2

Number of floors: 1

Frame material: autoclaved aerated concrete

Surface area of the yard: property 1 196 m2, yard 940 m2

Special features concerning the eco-efficiency of the site: geothermal heat, air source heat pump, use of wood in the fireplace and the sauna stove

Due to the structural solutions of the house (autoclaved aerated concrete from floor to ceiling, ventilation scaled appropriately), the indoor air of the house is good.

A foundation with a crawl space is also a radon-safe foundation solution when the joints and feedthroughs of the base floor are tightly sealed and the crawl space has proper ventilation. Indeed, the completed radon measurement (2015) indicated an exceptionally low radon level (50 Bq/m3 in the living room and 60 Bq/m3 in the multipurpose room). This is despite the fact that the house has been constructed on a gravel/sand ridge.

The indoor temperature also remains constant regardless of the season and outdoor temperature.