The yard has been designed to be close to nature, low maintenance and enjoyable – there is no lawn to mow, but ”kuntta”, or transplanted forest floor and brush. The paving and ”kuntta” are extremely low maintenance surface materials, and ”kuntta” is also ideal for creating a property that is virtually in its natural state. Rocks dug from the property have been used in construction, and some of them have been planted on site as if they had always been sitting there.

The actual recreation area is naturally located in the south-westerly corner where the indoor living space extends outside. Both the roofed terrace and spa area have views of a planter with ornamental and berry plants where you can pick tasty treats, not to mention the herb and summer flower plants next to the terrace for cooling off after sauna. Wood species naturally found in the region have been used as ornamental trees and shrubs, in addition to low maintenance, but attractive bushes.

Yard materials

  • ”Kuntta”, transplanted forest floor
  • Concrete paving: Kartano 278x138x80 black, stepping stones of the path: slate, black phyllite from Orivesi
  • Floor of the car shelter and the entrance: two-component epoxy coating StoPox, Sto Finexter Oy
  • Terrace boards: wood composite
  • Outdoor lighting with LED lights
  • Stone wall next to the street: breeze block frame, Aitokivi on the surface