Stone house of high-quality for sale

The house represents timeless, unpretentiously clean-lined Finnish-Scandinavian design. Using natural light as efficiently as possible in lighting and creating open spaces are vital to the design. The dining room, living room and terraces face west, which gives them natural light as the family returns home from work. When entering the house through the main entrance, the high foyer, kitchen, dining room and living room form a continuous space without separating walls. The openness of the main rooms is essential to the building. The dining room and spa area have been invested in. The house has a clear layout and is low maintenance.

What is special?

  • Luxurious home spa with an indoor hot tub and a sauna with a wood and an electric stove.
  • Stylish wall-to-wall bookcase made from autoclaved aerated concrete in the study.
  • 30-square metre dining room for 12 diners.
  • Home altar

Who is the home designed for

  • A comfortable and luxurious home for an adult couple with one (–two) child/children.


  • Rock from floor to ceiling (i.e. the base floor, external and internal walls and the attic floor are autoclaved aerated concrete)

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